If you cannot stand the humiliation of defeat, then don't play sports. Competition has its price.

I am an author for a living. That is not an easy job because it is a public one. I get insulted a lot. People with no clue or expertise loftily decide what my book is or isn’t doing right, completely ignoring the amount of research I do.

That is their right. I don’t care about them. It is a price I am willing to pay for doing what I love to do.

And then there are people who praise me, but have an agenda to do so. The praise is false.

If you are the kind of person who is in it for the praise and adoration, do not be an author. Period.

This is not the career for those who need constant applause and validation. Praise is always nice, but it’s not why you should be writing in the first place.

But that is not the only career where people make demands and decrees without a shred of understanding of the essence of the job.

The Women’s World Cup is a place where all sorts of yokels have decreed that the US Women’s Soccer Team were Very Bad for wildly cheering every time they made a goal against their competitors — who cried because they lost.

Twitter is a troll scroll filled with people with no sense or expertise. They try to fire people, yet are upset because people cheer their own accomplishments.


And for Thailand players to cry? Come on: you know the risks of every match where you can get whipped by even a weak rival. Grow a pair of ovaries and deal with defeat with grace.

Men who play sports are not called on the carpet for cheering their victories; so the women should be able to do it without the misogynistic lecture. I do not know why happy and successful women are so reviled, but there you go. Sports is competitive and your adrenaline gets pumped to extremes as you have to remain focussed: of course you are going to go out of your gourd in celebration after every goal you make. Relish the moment because, you know, YOLO.

Oh, that’s right. Remember the generation who coined YOLO? Yeah, things didn’t turn out too great for them, so they are completely against it for other people. Too bad for them.

So I am completely supportive of victors celebrating victory. That is the reason you are in the game. That’s the entire point of the exercise. If you do not like people being happy for their hard-achieved accomplishments, go away. Sports is not for you — it’s for other people who have every right to it.

And since when do we side with sore losers who cry when they lose? What’s up with that? The time for tears is over the moment you enter an arena. Cry on your own time, and be stoic.

If you cannot handle losing as your rival celebrates winning, don’t do sports. Your mood is irrelevant to their mood. You would be doing a jig, too, if you won and they lost.

This neo-Victorian mindset is pathological, of course. People are always scheming and thinking up ways to keep successful people from enjoying their successes. If it bothers you that people are accomplishing things and you are not, then the problem is you, and not them.

I have no problem with people relishing their victories. I am not into sports because the dynamics of competition never appealed to me, but I am not going to meddle and lecture those whose essence gravitates toward it.

For all the talk of diversity, people do not actually like diversity. They want everyone to think like they do, and behave like they do without question. Enough is enough.

So, congratulations to those who win their matches at the Women’s World Cup. That takes time, effort, energy, strategy, stamina, practice, criticism, and courage. You have paid a price that you are willing to pay, and good on you for it. Keep it up.

I do the same thing with no apologies in a different way. I do not back down because someone doesn’t approve of the way I do things or the way I think. Too bad for them, but they have never spoiled my mood or impacted my self-esteem or life choices, and that’s just the way I roll in this spinning world…