At what point does the press realize no one actually cares about their complaints?

This knee-slapper article about how the White House press corps has issues with the current president is nothing new.

Knock me over with a feather, even though the last president’s regime was no better…but the difference is Barak Obama gave patronage appointments to journalists, so that made it totally okay.

But the non-stop complaints haven’t change a thing. Remember when all those newspapers had their Lockstep Day?

Of course you don’t — the white noise made it meaningless.

Having an antagonistic relationship with government is a good thing because if you get along, it means you are not doing your job; so shut up.

The president is not supposed to be your pal. He is not supposed to make things easy for you.

And why are you attending canned events in the first place?

That’s not news.

So deal with it…