90% of Canadians fell for fake news? Try 100% -- including journalists. I could write a book about that...wait, I already did.

Another bad survey pretending to be fact. Ho hum.

90% of Canadians fell for fake news? Try 100%.

Including journalists who fall for it every single day.

This is a deceptive survey — as if there was real news and fake news as two separate and distinct entities.

Nice try. Journalism isn’t empirical and cribs from PR, so we can discount that theory.

I wrote the book on reporters falling for — and creating — fake news way back in 2005.

And trying to pin this on Facebook is also deceptive as Facebook is not a content creator. They cannot police news just as they cannot police airbrushed selfies or people lying where they are checking in.

“Fake news” is not the problem: because journalism is so sloppy and narrative-driven, it makes it easy to also just make stuff up and speculate wildly as they act self-important.

That doesn’t take effort and is not an actual accomplishment.

If journalism was empirical and narrative-free, then propaganda and lies would really blare out, and it would be easy to see the difference.

But they still do the same thing over and over and over again.

We don’t have real news — just varying degrees of fake — and if you haven’t noticed, then you are still falling for it, sucker…