It's Undeniable: Sugarbaby Toronto Star shakes it just the way its sugardaddy likes it.

The Toronto Star is marching lockstep to the federal Liberals pseudo-environmental platform in its sad series Undeniable: all about the fear-mongering of climate change (once called Global Warning until things got colder).

This is pure propaganda that dovetails perfectly with an election strategy, not actual reality. The problem with the fear-mongering doomsday cult narrative is that the actual solutions proffered are not very good, and often pollute more than what is happening now.

The Liberals allowed shiploads of garbage to fester for years in a foreign country. “Recycling” in this country is a joke. The Wynne Liberals were all about the environment as they allowed the OLG to put out so much paper and huge lottery tickets — not to mention endless brochures and posters — that what they said was not truth.

And the Toronto Star uses paper mills which do major environmental damage. They are not ones to talk.

The Star are sugarbaby propagandists with have the nerve to ask whether their propaganda campaign of making “climate change” the “enemy” will unite Canadians who will brainlessly marching to the voting booths and vote for the Grits who will give more money to environmental polluting newspaper chains.

No, because their solutions are rubbish. The ideas are so simplistic and unrealistic that they are an insult to respond to with any seriousness. They are not environmental experts.

And the Star doesn’t do basic research, such as who funds these studies and how sound they are.

Because they are not a real journalism product.

This “series” has too perfect timing to take seriously. Newspapers have been bought by the federal regime. They are not empirical, and hence, unreliable.

They pollute the information stream for their own self-interest as the Grits make huge carbon footprints jet-setting in limos and airplanes.

It’s a scam. Yes, the environment needs cleaning, but the Grits are not the ones to do it. They have not done a single thing competently while in office — and this won’t be done competently, either.

Nice try, you little grifters, but you cannot stop me from using my mind to see the truth…