Is Canadian media a sugarbaby? You betcha. This time, it's Postmedia.

Postmedia got five and a half million dollars from the federal Canadian regime a few months before an election.

Canada is a corrupt banana republic where anything goes, including having a sugarbaby media. Torstar did something very similiar a few months back. Postmedia is the only other game in town (aside from the Globe and Mail) and both quietly get big pay checks from the federal government.

This country could not survive if some level of government didn’t foot the bill. That creates more than just dependency — but incompetence. No wonder the press hates Doug Ford — he ain’t giving the sugarbabies any dough, and they are throwing temper tantrums.

Ontario is out of control with their dependence on the government to keep the people going. This makes us very vulnerable to any outside force deciding on a little economic terrorism: stop trade, wreck the credit rating, and then call in the debts. What we have are people who overestimate their own cunning, intelligence, abilities, and mastery because we have poor people think they are middle class, middle class people thinking they are wealthy, and a disturbing percentage of top 1% earners who would be out of a job if they lost their superfluous public sector position.

No wonder the press marches lockstep with the federal regime…