Fragmented political narratives: When no one questions the propaganda, the contradictions go unchallenged.

I find Canadian Left-wing propaganda interesting: it is all narrative, all the time, and the Mary Sue variety to boot. It rarely makes any sense, and uses nothing but fear-mongering and sunny spinning of rot.

Lately, we have had a big contradiction with two leftie propaganda messages meant to frighten the little people to vote for them in October, except they contradict each other. On the one hand, Doug Ford is the bad guy for all these necessary cuts to public service graft. If the top 1% make $200,000 per annum, and a big chunk of public sector employees make that or more, while almost half of private sector employees work for minimum wage, we have a serious problem. Almost a million Ontarians work for the government while almost another million received social assistance. With our population, that is a problem, to put it mildly.

But according to “job reports” issued by the federal regime, the economy is healthy and there are lots of jobs!

That is also quite a feat, given Alberta’s woes, and how badly Ontarians are reacting to Ford reining in the deficit.

So which is it? You cannot go hard on Ford is the overall economy and employment stats are that rosy. Why should young teachers fret that they got their redundancy papers? Aren’t there bunches of other jobs they could get?

And for those who dine on government gravy in Ontario, why should they worry when the economy is doing so grand?

Because you either have a very bad economy the federal regime is trying to hide…or what Ford is doing isn’t as horrific as the narrative goes.

But it is an election year where political operatives try to lie from both sides of their mouth and hope people are too strung out on weed to see what they are doing. Not all of us are doped up, and we can see what you trolls are trying to pull…

Make up your mind what lie you wish to pollute Canada with and stick with it…