CBC's Pauper Narrative continues. They obviously never heard of bootstrapping.

Lots of boo hoos from CBC over the gravy train running dry for several government-funded indulgences, including the over-hyped Supercrawl.

“Celebrate Ontario” was the fund used to give money to these mediocre carbon copy events for decades. This should have been a short-term incubation fund, not a welfare check disguised as an “arts grant.”

There are a dime a dozen arts shows and studio tours in this province. It is over-saturated to begin with. Second of all, it is thanks to so many governmental rules and regulations that these things cannot break-even on their own.

But most of all, why should the government give money to these things?

There is something called bootstrapping: using whatever resources you have to get started.

We take for granted that the government will just dole out endless supply of cash: at what point are you good enough to do this on your own?

Arts education here is not good. There is a piece of folksy logic that “arts” people and “science” people are incompatible, which is a joke. The Renaissance era was defined by polymaths who used science and math in their art work.


Like that.

And art can be very profitable.

So why isn’t it here in Canada?

Because people could lean on the government to find their amusements.

I have been to Supercrawl. I wasn’t particularly impressed. I never went home with anything and I am an artist who buys art.

The “festivals” in this province are all the same: same vendors, same food, same stuff, same everything.. You just walk up and down a street, or around in a park or auditorium. There is no innovation or evolution. They are stagnate by design because no one actually has to hustle.

The CBC is of that ilk. They don’t have to worry because some kind of government money is coming in. What would they know about reality?

Nothing. They know about their own artificially-manufactured ecosystem that would collapsed if it were to be exposed to the wild elements of truth.

In a Zero Risk society, no one wants to take a risk. They want safe guarantees and some They to do the work and clean up the mess as they cut the check from the shadows. It is sheer lunacy, but when you do not have to actually think, any setback seems devastating as you delude yourself that you are owed something for being so passive…