Charges conveniently dropped against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman...tidying up before the next federal election...

Considering all the dirt that was going to be exposed, a clean-up detail was in order.

This doesn’t bode well for the federal Liberals as they have vaults of sins, and are very vulnerable. Norman was a high-profile case, but that’s how the Grits do business.

The Green Party has now emerged as the spoiler. The NDP is yesterday’s party, and that also doesn’t bode well for not only the Grits, but for Hamilton, a town that has banked its fortunes on the party for years. The city is whining about not getting another nine million dollars to waste. They are in for a very rude awakening. Their troubles haven’t even begun.

And neither has the federal Grits. They have too many holes to plug up, and their fearless leader is the global nerd. That trip to India will cost him his job. People are looking for any reason to turf and they will turf him hard.

The Greens are in the same place as Jack Layton’s NDP was during his last hurrah: they have more than a good chance of becoming the Official Opposition. Elizabeth May can play her cards right. She has public goodwill, and unlike her three competitors, she doesn’t comes off as a middle manager for some boutique advertising firm in Toronto. They have two seats federally now. Their provincial counterparts in PEI are the official opposition. Even Ontario government has a lone Green MPP in its ranks. Persistence pays, and May can push the party to break another serious barrier. Once upon a time, the Reform Party did just that to the Tories, and the Greens are poised to do the same to the Grits.

Sweeping Norman under the rug won’t matter one way or another. There is always something grungy to take out of the Liberals’ vault and parade it around with the appropriate facial expression of disgust. What the Greens have is their political greenness: they simply to do not the stench of the past to bog them down…