Watching the Federal Liberal Implosion...

That Prince Edward Island went to the Tories and the Greens in the provincial election is truly stunning.

By the time the federal election comes, it will be a full scale slaughter: when you can do no wrong, no scandal touches you, but when you can do no right, everything will be an excuse to dethrone you.

The last-minute clean-up detail is a real knee-slapper. Canada is taking back their garbage because the President of the Philippines literally had to threaten to declare war to get action.

And now that Bill Blair ignore a constituent who is now going run against him in the next election, he has come up with a grand and glorious bullshit story that makes no sense.

You didn’t see the email because it went to spam? Really?

As someone who had to look after a severely disabled relative, I can say you get ignored by politicians of all affiliations and levels when you call or write. They figure you’ll be too sick or busy to go and vote, so screw you. Blair just didn’t think it would come back and bite him.

The smarmy ways of the Grits has now reached a peculiar tipping point, but everything began to backfire once Justin Trudeau went on his vanity junket in India. He was supposed to be what Canadians thought was “cool”, not embarrassing. Not dad-wore-pale-blue-socks-with-sandals-and-plaid-polyester-brown-pants-at-my-wedding humiliating. It broke the spell. He is just like your dad, or uncle, or husband who does dumbass things in public and you want to smash objects against your head.

It went downhill from there.

There will be more crap coming out in the open in the next few months — more cringeworthy crap because the talent who made the Grits look good in front of the little people are abandoning ship. Without the layer of protection, the gaudy truth comes out.

And we haven’t even begun…