Some serious Grit spinning these days...

Here is a knee-slapper article.


How does puny li’l Canada stop it?

It cannot. It can only capitulate to some odious demands.

Some silver fox with a brain has gotten involved in this pre-school and explained to the children that it is too close to the election to be boneheads. Give in and grovel in private, and then put a sunny spin to the little people the way the Grits have been doing for decades.

But the n00bs didn’t know that you only make pretend to be tough at home, and made a mess of things trying to thump their chests.

This is one big clean-up detail, as in, the sewer backed up in your basement and you are up to your knees in waste just as your air conditioning died and it is a scorcher outside. They are breaking out the Ozium and the ozone generator for this party, kids.

Will it work? No, more stuff is coming out from the sewer, and there comes a point when all the backdoor grovelling and concessions become obvious and people get a whiff of something foul.

The neglect of this feral regime went on for too long. Everything is disjointed and you cannot unring a bell. You need more than crisis PR at this point —and it is not coming any time soon…