Political Fuckery in an Age of Propaganda.


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This is a stupid thing to say:

Are we supposed to be gullible enough to assume that places that bought our steel just sat on their hands — or went to alternative sources, and won’t come back?

Life isn’t static or in a bubble. It moves. One setback brings with it a bunch of other troubles and the old scripts don’t work.

The federal liberals are in deep shit, and they cannot bank on the US’s abortion bullshit to frighten people into voting for them because there will be more dirt to contend with by the time the official election starts. Nor will CBC’s propaganda spin trick people into voting for them again. Nor can they bribe a dead profession.

The problem is more than just the Jive Turkey prime minister, but he is a prima donna who isn’t pleased when he cannot control his image. This means his motives will aways be to manipulate the optics and let everything else slide, and the Grits are stuck in a bygone era where they were the Government Party and could lead people by the nose because they had no other options.

Those days are gone. Abortion is not going to save the Grits. The lifting of tariffs is not going to save them, either.

They are charlatans at heart: they are not original or innovative. They coast on a status quo and have no idea about anything. Legalized weed did not catapult them. Neither will fear about abortion rights.

After all, the Grits had a whole term to codify those rights, and they never bothered; so it’s not as if women’s rights were ever a genuine priority for them.

Because it was never about feminism to Canada’s little Caesar: it was always about his image, and what pleases him. Politicians are never about the people. They are about themselves, but usually, they have the intelligence to know how to effectively pretend they do care. Jive Turkey isn’t that bright or capable.

You can see a major Liberal clean-up detail going on — and one so obvious that it is too dutifully following a script. This is a middle class middle manager job of it. That’s not a good sign. It means the real talent have walked away, and the C-listers are left. That bodes poorly for the country no matter what.

Canada had to give a lot of concessions in order to get the tariffs lifted for optics’ sake. You can use the agreement as toilet paper. This is a country in the hands of rank losers hoping a stoned populace will be too oblivious to know they are being played and will vote for them again.

The Left has been splintered, however, and there are more ghosts than SNC-Lavalin and the Mark Norman Debacle. Timing is everything and these exposed problems are a mere preface: not all of the dots have been placed to connect. An October surprise is in the cards.

The clean-up detail is too big and complex for the Grits to handle. They are used to coasting, not working. This election will be interesting in that the Grits will waste their resources running on a hamster wheel blindfolded. It will be a circus and a comedy filled with clowns, but when you get things because of your name, you miss the nuances of power, and using political fuckery as a strategy. In any case, little Caesar will not be pleased…