Canada is second in the world for cocaine use? You don't say!

Oh, it explains a lot.

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 9.47.20 PM.png

Doing drugs is a form of escape when you don’t have the mettle to admit there is a problem and then confront it with a workable plan.

Canada also has a serious problem with alcohol.

This is the way you run away from problems.

For all the talk about the Canadian economy, people are maxed out and very close to economic ruin.

This is why we have shitty governments. When you are bladdered or stoned, you retreat into your delusions and think this is a way to deal with things. It is also the reason the federal regime banked on legalizing weed, and that has been a secret disaster: people are sticking to the drug dealer they highly trust and don’t just smoke joints — they do other drugs, and why go pay more for the legalized stuff when you have cheaper drugs and more of them from your regular pusher…