Academia needs renewal: Why the reactionaries are upset with Doug Ford.

Universities in Ontario are in a tizzy because Doug Ford is going to prevent double-dipping of pensioned professors, but this push is long overdue.

The old guard haven’t brought the shifts and innovations because they are stuck in a status quo vortex. Education has been watered down. They give PhD’s like drugs at a rave because the scam was to get snoots with bad book ideas some promise that getting a doctorate in Humanities or Social Science was some kind of hack to getting a book deal (right, and all those Harvard professors are going to get thrown in the back of the line for the upstart whose long in the tooth. Give me a break). Undergrads scam their ways to degrees through waterworks and academic dishonesty.

We have a monopoly of academic journals. Research is for sale. Fresh perspectives have been shut out because the old guard doesn’t want to admit their theories are flawed. Journalism collapsed in large part because j-schools coasted and didn’t do what they were supposed to do.

This kind of seniority wall is nothing new or just confined to academia. In art during the turn of the century in Europe, the Secessionist Movement that brought us Art Nouveau was a push against that kind of confines: news styles and innovations were kept back and no new visionary was given an opportunity to bring something fresh and bold to the table. Artists such as Gustav Klimt would have never had a chance unless the younger crowd broke those barriers the old guard put up.

Universities in Ontario are in a rut. They are obsessed with some bastardized version of political correctness that’s not actually about diversity at all: they are keeping everything in place with no new vision, meaning it’s just lip service. The patriarchal structure is choking new schools of thought, experiments, perspectives, and innovations. They are clinging on for dear life and there is no renewal, just distractions by trying to ideologically bribe students and give them an easy ride so they don’t see just how antiquated and backwards their education has become.

J-schools are the worst of the offenders. There are no schools of thought, inventions, or innovations — zero.

So why are professors allowed to jaw around there? To pull a pay check they do not deserve while getting a pension to boot?

Universities are supposed to cradles for new ideas. This is a matriarchal institution. It was never supposed to be a patriarchal one, and yet we have people who should have been pushed off the stage long ago. There should come a point where there are places for the old guard to be productive — but in another venue. You have had long enough to incubate whatever ideas you finessed and refined.

Now put those ideas back in the real world to test them.

For those who argue that the old guard may be the only ones who can teach a certain discipline, then that shows the utter failure of universities — if those departments failed to plant seeds for the next generation, then they should be closed. We have done this all the wrong way, and sometimes we need an outsider to wake us up from our slumber for us do to what we needed to do for a long time.

And universities have been asleep for too long…