Why does Canada have so many pantywaist politicians in its ranks?

Justin Trudeau is the King of the Pantywaists, and now that the hate for him is sanctioned, it is now running rampant. The Toronto Sun is having a field day:

Justin Trudeau — who, angelic visage notwithstanding, is a vengeful and petty little man — went after Norman, viciously. 

In other words, he is a pantywaist: the conniving little twerp who thinks he is cunning and getting away with shit, not realizing the family name and the pity factor gave him his free pass. Everyone saw what was happening: they just let it slide.

But Canada seems to load up on vapid twerps. Like Ontario MPP Sam Oosterhoff who call the cops on people who have opinions that do not align with his undeveloped and unrealistic fantasies, and then has the nerve to take taxpayer money as a pay check and not have respect for them while puking sexist garbage:

"We have survived 50 years of abortion in Canada and we pledge to fight to make abortion unthinkable in our lifetime."

Spoken like a true motherfucker. I will think whatever I please, you little pantywaist. Your weak little brain is no match for mine.

But perhaps we are looking at this the wrong way: why are we producing tyrannical little man-children who think they can make everyone march lockstep to their tyrannical and unscientific decrees?

If women’s reproductive rights are on the table, then we should have men’s reproductive rights on the table, too. We should force men to father children with whomever the state decrees. Or force vasectomies on them, too.


Justin Trudeau hijacked the democratic system and ruined the career of Jody Wilson-Raybould on his decree. Oosterhoff is of the same unimpressive ilk.

That is the reason you do not vote for boys whose families push them and prop them up. You vote for people who actually had to work and earn their way to becoming something real.

As a taxpayer, I resent both of these pantywaists. They draw a pay check on my dime, and have done fuck all for me. They do not represent my views, but they will gladly take my money to attend things that I would never approve of.

Left, right, it never matters. We are a nation run by jive turkeys. Ones who do not respect their elders, women, people with different life requirements. Just their own worthless asses. That’s what this country has in power.

I am not impressed. I do not get intimidated, let alone beguiled by dofo yokels in suits.

And that’s why I am a political atheist. When you have trash in power, no matter what they do, it will stink…