National Post reprints bullshit narrative. What else is new?

Here is a piece of capitalistic propaganda trying to make itself sound as if it were academic and moral:

Why the legal age for consuming cannabis should be lowered to 16

Adults are able to purchase marijuana and other cannabis products, while adolescents end up suffering the consequences of a prohibitionist regime now targeted at them alone

Motherfuckers, are you serious?

This “essay” is an excerpt from a book, but it is so full of holes, it is worth nothing.

This isn’t being discriminatory or “prohibitionist.” The biological truth is that until your early 20s, your brain is not fully developed. We give children and teens all sorts of legal drugs without thinking about the consequences, and now the authors — who obviously have a vested interested — want us to ignore science in order to help out bank accounts?

Let’s throw the kids under the bus! I want another Mercedes in my driveway to make my siblings jealous! Yay!

I like this piece of bullshit sophistry:

Time and time again, Justin Trudeau, both as candidate and as Prime Minister, emphasized that otherwise law-abiding adolescents had to consort with criminals in order to buy marijuana. They risked ending up with criminal records that would follow them throughout their lives. And illegally purchased marijuana might very well be laced with toxic substances, or contain THC concentrations that vastly increase the mental-health risks associated with marijuana consumption, especially for adolescents, whose brains are still developing until roughly the age of 25.

Uh-huh. I was a teenager myself, and I can tell you, teens were not “otherwise law-abiding citizens.” They stole and frequently, vandalized, shoplifted, had joyrides, and physically assaulted each other, and some engaged in statutory rape. Lots of people have juvenile records, and drugs weren’t the only thing on their rap sheet. You are not supposed to have the smokes and booze at that age, either, and yet whoever wants to do either or both at that age always do.

So don’t feed people bullshit stories. Teen years is literally a rebirth as you are now being barraged by the onslaught of hormones that completely alter your thinking and perceptions. So spare me this precious patriarchal story-sell.

This an entire article is trying to make a case for lowering the age for every other reason but they do not mention: that teens buy drugs from illegal sources, meaning they get their suppliers from someone other than a government or a government-sanctioned business, meaning they are not paying taxes. That’s what this little tirade is all about, but pretends to use facts and reason that do not stand up against reality.

This is about trying to gain a marketshare with a coveted demographic, nothing more. This is a con job, nothing more. What you have is short-sighted people who thought that they’d become instant millionaires with no effort or business acumen and they were going to sell weed and live happily ever after.

Except they weren’t smart enough to see that underaged kids were going to bypass them, go to a tax-free source, and then continue to go there and not their local pot shop where they have to pay more, and be more likely monitored when they want to do things anonymously.

So how do you sell an odious concept you have for self-serving reasons?

You throw out every reason except the real one, hoping people don’t notice.

People tried being instant Internet millionaires, then instant App millionaires, and then instant YouTube and Instagram millionaires. None of that worked, so now off to being instant weed millionaires.

But those magic beans aren’t doing anything for them.

That’s why there are calls to make all illegal drugs legal.

And even if they did, you still won’t be a millionaire with a conniving nature and a Zero-Risk Mindset.

But, nice try!