Memo to the Toronto Star: It is not "He said, She Said": It is He says, She is not allowed to say because He won't let Her."


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The Toronto Star pukes more false statements than the foreign man they are obsessed with chronicling.

They are being willfully dishonest.

The SNC-Lavalin scandal is not He Said, She Said.

How could it be when the She is not allowed freely speak or present evidence.

Skipper Justin Trudeau just gaslighted Jody Wilson-Raybould they way his little buddy Gilligan Gerald Butts did yesterday with no facts to back up his claims that “conversations were experienced differently.”

That is bullshit.

And the “He Said She Said” narrative is an out-and-out propagandistic lie.

Had Wilson-Raybould been allowed to say everything and present everything, then it would be more accurate, but that’s not what happened.

Meaning that either those who work for the Star are so stupid as to not know what that phrase means, or they are just flat-out grifters and cons looking to appease their master.

There is no third option.

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But there is a lot of people in a position to know who have plenty to say