What's on tap next week...

Two debuts.

Finally, the Chaser debut! I wish I could say that I was dragging my feet, but it is tedious work in finessing certain things.

The Second is an advice column of sorts: Truth Explained. I will go back to my writing roots and give advice based in reality.

The first debut will be heavy. The second will not.

I would like to have a podcast and another Cavewomen Graffiti is due. I have other things on the go, but I want to shift the focus yet again.

The site is like rearranging furniture — you love what you have until an idea pops in your head, and you move one thing in a place you like better, but then everything else has to be moved around. It is the reason Chaser has been slow to debut — it has become an odd piece of furniture that I don’t know what to do with just yet.

Stay tuned…