Federal Liberal Bullshit narrative continues: Gaslighting Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott.

Gerald Butts comes off as a minion butler given marching orders, and he marches like a trooper.

Nothing inappropriate happened! Guess again.

Jody Wilson-Raybould would connect her demotion with SNC-Lavalin! Yes, because one spawned the other. Do not play innocent, Mr Butts. Cause and effect.

You hound her repeatedly, trying to get her to change her answer. You do not understand conviction or morals.

Because when SNC-Lavalin demanded the laws be changed to their favour, your regime fellated them to their exacting specifications.

That is a typical politician. Corrupt. You couldn’t push them around; so you pushed her around, not imagining she would push back.

And this is the same Gerald Butts who worked as Dalton McGuinty’s political butler — the premier who blew hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars in the Power Plant Scandal in order to save two political seats in an election.

But now the federal Liberals are doing something very vile and misogynistic: they are gaslighting both Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott.

Well, you know how it is: these women don’t have political experience, that’s why they resigned…

Yeah, because they have morals and you don’t.

These games are business as usual, and of course the regime doesn’t know what the fuss is about.

There was nothing in Raybould’s tenure that warranted her demotion. You cannot play games and pretend it had nothing to do with your hounding her, and then replacing her with a more obedient minion.

Especially after your regime passed a law through an omnibus bill that allowed for a loophole for a corrupt corporation to get away with breaking the law without consequence.

Your mother may buy your bullshit stories, but I don’t.

And no, Globe and Mail, Gerald Butts did not take down Wilson-Raybould. His subtext was pure misogyny, and he actually offered no refuting testimony, only spin.

Remember, Wilson-Raybould has more information to give.

Gaslighting your betters is a poor strategy, and proves that we have no feminist Prime Minister up in Ottawa…