An Age of Propaganda is also an Age of Cowardice.

If this study is true, we have absolutely failed as a society:

Trump-Clinton election battle left students with PTSD symptoms, study finds

Then we have a generation with absolutely no morals, logic, or worth.

How can that give you any trauma? I went through motherfucking cancer while looking after my mother who had cancer at the same time, and that was far worse in comparison, and life is too short to be whining.

You have to be a psychopath with no moral compass if that gives you trauma.

But I don’t believe a word of it.

It’s bullshit.

Because in another study, when the gender roles were reversed. there was not only no trauma, but subjects preferred the female Trump to the male Clinton.

So there is actually nothing inherently “scary” about Trump’s personality. People fail to see it if someone else takes on the persona.

What we have are people lying to themselves. They don’t actually have trauma. They have talked themselves into an artificial frenzy, and then become paralyzed with fake fear.

Because in order for propaganda to work, it requires cowardice. Lies feast on fear.

When you are fearful, you invite lies to infect your thoughts.

It is one thing to be vigilant and cautious, but another to give in to cowardice.

And the only way to conquer fear is by pushing the boundaries and getting to know the world around you — all the things that confirm your theories, but also the things that refute them…