The Federal Liberals are obviously not "people persons"...

Bad political strategy is forgetting that people relate to topics about people.

And the federal Liberals, being in hot water over their treatment of one of their own cabinet ministers who is the face of standing up to a bad regime, are trying to move away from their scandal and go to the faceless topic of environmentalism.

A “climate plan” is a wonk’s deflection. It is nebulous, and has no “face” to it. There are no people involved. Climate involves inanimate objects and jargon.

That will make their situation worse.

No one can relate to “climate.” They can relate to doing their job and getting demoted because the boss is a goober who only got there because daddy pulled some strings.

But politicians here in Canada don’t get people skills — Jack Layton did and that’s why he got his NDP’s impossible surge to opposition status.

Chretien understood it as well, but over time, the connect has been lost, and now thinking that “climate thingies” will distract people from a scandal involving well-known people in conflict proves how out of touch the regime is to human nature…