Is the Internet a "Monster"? No, it is just a reflection of the monster we call the Human Race.




Fear is a drug.

It is a habit and an excuse not to do the things we need to do to progress.

This AFP article asks if the Internet is a “out-of-control” monster.

No. It is a tool, the way a hammer is a tool.

You can take a hammer and kill someone with it.

But for billions of people who used hammers their entire lives with incident, we don’t have discussions about whether a hammer is a monster.

Because that’s just stupid.

But so is AFP.

They have a vested interest in slagging the Internet; so this isn’t exactly an objective think piece. Just griping because AFP, like other news outlets, can’t get what they want with it. Boo hoo.

The Internet is a warehouse of babblings.

It merely expresses what is crossing the minds of billions of people.

So if the warehouse is an “out-of-control monster”, then so is the entire human race as a collective.

That’s not the way to see the world. That’s a coward’s defeatist attitude.

Bravery and sensitivity shows us a better way — and it is far better to understand those around you than run away from them.

No wonder the profession collapsed as badly as it did.

Because once we get to the core of those “monsters”, we find another person with their own melodies that may differ from our own, but are lovely nonetheless…not monsters…