Why are icons suddenly being attacked when they aren't alive to defend themselves?

An obscure John Wayne interview in Playboy from 1971 is enough for people to want to rename an airport.

Michael Jackson — who was acquitted of child molestation — is being attacked once again, with the BBC yanking his songs from their playlist.

So, what gives? Are people woke?

No, they are merely following someone else’s self-serving decrees uncritically. No questions, no skepticism.

And that’s not acceptable.

Especially as people who cannot speak for themselves are not alive to defend themselves. It is as if we have people who are trying to erase history and expect their decrees to be the final word on the matter.

I believe in facing reality. I am also someone who doesn’t get impressed by statues or buildings named after people. People will suck up to you when you are alive, but as soon as you’re dead and no one can get anything out of you anymore, will run and worship the living who has money.

Hero worship is a big, fat delusion.

People can’’t wait to destroy you…those who can accept people warts and all are in short supply these days…