The Bandwagon's in town. Get on, get off, it doesn't matter. The prime minister lost his goodwill from those who created him.





Once upon a time Maclean’s openly pushed Justin Trudeau to become Prime Minister.

My, my how times have changed.

The Prime Minister, contrary to the columns, didn’t change. He is what he is, and what he has always been.

It is the press coverage that has made a radical shift. They all got on the same bandwagon after falling off the turnip truck and now are out for blood as they throw their once lovey-boy under a bus.

They deified this very unremarkable man who, if it weren’t for nepotism, wouldn’t be allowed to operate a sock puppet from behind a piece of cardboard. And now they are vilifying the same unremarkable man. He had no business being in politics, but had delusions enabled.

And then thought he was invincible and that the press would always drool all over him because they always did until now. The howling from the press is precious. They reinforced his every bad habit, and now are punishing for learning the rote script.

He lost goodwill and now is getting kicked from all sides. I am sure he has no idea what truck hit him.

It is the reason I never understood why anyone would bother running for politics. No matter what you give, it is never good enough, and people expect you to be their ATM machine and Santa Claus to solve all of their problems for them.

I remember reading the Rod Stewart was a cheap date, always showing the contents of his wallets complaining he didn’t bring enough money to buy any expensive meal. I think that’s the best kind of world leader. Just whip out the wallet, look inside, and warn everyone that’s money for the entire country for the year, so sorry, no graft for you.

And stick a huge red maple leaf on it to look official. Show it to SNC-Lavalin first. Sorry, assholes, put it on your list and maybe the real Santa Claus will get it for you for Christmas.

Or maybe not. There is something called reality. The end.

Trudeau was enabled the way everyone else has been: sold a bill a goods by those who have no intention of keeping promises and will turn on you in a heartbeat.

Had Trudeau been smacked around by the press earlier in his political career, he would not be in his quagmire now.

So let that be a lesson: when some group praise you and beg you to run for office, run the other way as fast as your legs can carry you….