So you wanna be a journalist? You must be a slave to scripts. Columbia Journalism babbles nincompoopity. Again.

Columbia Journalism Review represents everything that is wrong with journalism: bullshit narratives with no empiricism. They have a piece of garbage article that isn’t worth reading, but it’s sunny spinning rot is worth noting.

Journalism collapsed, and what is needed is a swift kick out the door.

And a replacement to rejuvenate information dissemination.

As in new methods and mandates. Empirical methods and narrative-free and propaganda-free structures that are matriarchal and epistolary. It should have been reinvented to do away with partisan garbage, demonization and deification once and for all.

Even if the reality deniers want to pretend journalism isn’t dead, the fact that has been in decline with no end in sight for decades should be enough for people to want to do something new.

So CJR is propaganda and has a vested interest in luring future j-school suckers and steal their dough.

And the only ones who would fall for such a ruse are the script followers and the cowards who do not innovate.

Whoop di do…