Memo to the Toronto Star: Don't speculate who is going to replace the Prime Minister. He is still prime minister.




Remember the love affair between Canadian journalists and Justin Trudeau?

Fuck that shit, it’s like, so over.

They dumped the cad and are throwing horse dung at him with reckless abandon.

Like this column from the Toronto Star that has got a jump on things, by speculating who could replace him:

Who will lead if the Liberals toss Trudeau?

How about Ester the Wonder Pig? She has a great reputation, lives in a progressive home, is a great mascot for cherishing flora and fauna — and beat cancer (go Ester!).

Her website has the motto “Peace. Love. Ester" and her security pillow says “Save the world.”

How could anyone go wrong with such a cutie?

No wait; she’s too successful to go down that dreadful path.

We need some sort of etiquette rule here that you have to wait until someone’s actual ouster before speculating who is going to replace them.

He hasn’t emptied his office yet, and there is a good chance he won’t have to do it unless he loses the election.

Until then, cool it, kids…you are making it sound like you are writing his obituary…