Never bet against a man who ran the casinos: How journalism lost the shirt off its back in the Chaos Narrative.



BuzzFeed must be losing their collective lunches. Their “scopps” were big, fat duds.

The sheltered spoiled brats went up against a man who can eat all of them for breakfast.

Motherfuckers, you were naive.

McClatchy is still standing by its own bullshit story.

You bet everything you didn’t have, roping in the clueless No Risk Middle Class by assuring them this huge gamble was a Sure Thing.

The press are in denial and don’t expect “apologies”.

They thought their deluded fantasy narratives translated into reality and would vindicate them so that all the little people would come crawling back to them. No dice.

They lost face, credibility, gravitas, all common sense, dignity, everything.

It would have been so much simpler if they read some instructive books and taking those lessons to heart…


Too bad Serbs did not have that kind of grit of fortune when journalists fucked them over the same way.

The press never learns, but some of us do!