Mueller's report was the final nail in the coffin. It's over. Doomsday did not come. Time for the cult-think to be retired.


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Memo to USA Today: It is over.

The press and the Democrats banked on a narrative that Mueller would slay Trump. It didn’t happen. The end.

To move the goalposts would be an overt temper tantrum. You no longer have that narrative to hinge your fortunes on.

Like a Doomsday cult that promises the world will end for everyone else, the day comes and goes without incident, and now you look like shrill freaks.

In a Zero-Risk Society, you just made a fool of all those Middle Class people who told their friends quite haughtily that Trump would be led away in handcuffs! His children, too!

No, they won’t.

Stop acting like vindictive loons.

You have caused a lot of little people big embarrassment. The uncle or cousin who wears a MAGA cap (just when they come over for a visit to piss them off) has now made fun of their relative in front of the whole family, calling them gullible motherfuckers, and ha ha ha, Trump won! Woo hoo!

No Zero-Risk middle class person wants that to happen. As in, ever. That is a nightmare of the worst sort: the relative they have cast as the Evil Redneck (whether they are or aren’t) in their fantasy narrative, made them eat crow, and their self-image of being an urbane, educated, and sophisticated superior just got shattered.

They made predictions on Facebook! And the Twitter!

They thumped their chests and were absolutely sure because you promised it to them, coming off as Reggie Mantle.


This humiliation is going to eat away at them.

So the spell is broken, and it is over.

The curtain fell on that disaster.

And a new one rises: one where the press is oblivious and humiliates middle class people, making them look like fools in front of their right-leaning family members.

It is not a pretty picture, but that’s what happens when you bank on destroying someone who saw your weakness and refused to take the path you rigged for one that works for them instead…