Scholarly journal publishers strong arm universities? You don't say, CBC!

I have written about the monopoly problem of academic journals before right here that has been reblogged on Tumblr many times.

But the CBC, always late to get the memo, are just shocked that academic publishers charge exorbitant fees for universities to access their articles — all while people who submit them do it for free.

As if regular media outlets and publishers don’t play the same games.

For example, there are databases with my old articles. I never see a penny if someone bought them.

As a general rule, content providers are not respected, even though without them, there would be nothing to sell.

The problem is structural. For example, in order for me to provide good, quality content, I have to research, interview, and write, meaning that my focus, time, and resources cannot be spent on doing other things, from promotion to lobbying and negotiating.

In academia, it is no different.

We haven’t figured out how to create a system that is not rigged against content providers, but it is time we do…