Olivia Jade, Vince Offer, and why we have a lost generation.





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Youth is wasted on the young.

When you have a generation who are “stressed” over slow wifi and people having lives to bother with “liking” the garbage they puke on social media, it is hard to take their socialism bullshit rants very seriously.

And the fresh meat on the market are even worse.

On the one hand, you have the champagne socialists who tried to be famous, got no likes on the Instagram, and now want someone to support them for the rest of their lives, and no matter how much money you throw at them, it will never be enough. Limo rides are a human right because we don’t want anyone to feel bad being broke because budgeting is stressful.

So is listening to your propaganda.

But it is the shallow kind of whining because we have a scandal that happened to young one lady at the worst possible time.

Olivia Jade who is the female version of VInce Offer.

She shilled and peddled junk just like Vince.

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Her facial expression is both vapid and smug.

She looks like she is in on a very private joke. She gets attention and people follow her videos and her recommending the junk companies paid her to peddle. This was a racket, and she knew it.

She knew it was all a farce. She shilled things she was told to shill and people behaved as if she meant it. She had media outlets write about her. She had people who bought the inflated numbers, not just her endorsements.

She admitted she didn’t attend school, and she knew she was in university even though she didn’t earn it. You can read it all over her face.

And now the best time of her life — and it will never get better than it was at its height — is over.

Because she wasn’t smart. She had no idea how shaky her family’s house of cards were all along.

Slow wifi is the least of her problems.

The days of graft and freebies are over.

She won’t be shilling expensive junk and getting paid for it.

Far from being special just for being her, she is finding out just how vulnerable she was all along.

This is trauma of the real sort. Her parents, if they don’t end up in jail, will never be wealthy again, and they certainly won’t be envied or getting positive press from a credulous and lazy media.

She was better off studying and developing her mind than deluding herself into thinking you can be a Kardashian.

Her parents are pariahs. So is she. It will never be the same.

No matter what, this moment in time defines her in the public eye, even if her image gets rehabilitated to a point.

Look at Michael Jackson — accused, acquitted, accused again.

This is the reason I don’t believe fame is for youth. Hers wasn’t the real kind, but it was corrupting enough and put her in the eye of the storm. Had she had any savvy, she could have said something in public by now.

She is retreating.

Because it was a sham all along, and it is not so funny now.

Neither the vapidness nor the smugness served as any protection or weapon.

But she is hardly the only one in her generation who is really that sheltered and clueless.

When you get anxiety over nonsense, you have no right to determine or demand what political system you want.

Because you are not an honest broker. You are not a genuine contributor to society. You are just a sheltered leech.

You have no clue.

Olivia Jade represents an entire generation of fakers who are obsessed with their image and have no substance or grit to guide them.

This is a lost generation, and yet they have no villain to blame but themselves.

And it is a true tragedy…