Plagiarism is alive and well in communications...

The Thought Thieves are everything, cribbing phrases, ideas, and even whole works as their own.

Saturday Night Live is in trouble for doing so.

This sin is up there with parents bribing and cheating for their children to get into university. It is intellectual fraud.

Speaking of which, today was the first time I had to threaten legal action because someone has an idea in their head what they think they can take from me. I had to warn them what they were telling me has already been published in two of my books — and elsewhere I have written, including here and my Dangerous Woman eBooks, and considering my unique skill set, experience, and research, there is no way of any coincidence, and I will sue.

And if you know anything about me, you know I am good on my word. I have prototypes of what I am doing that go back decades. I can establish provenance, and because I went in the profession knowing full well that stealing and cheating was accepted, I did things in such a way that there is no question of proving things.

So no cutesy, perky mind games with Alexandra Kitty. I do not make empty promises, and I do not appreciate people trying to cash in on my labour. Period.

So shame on SNL for keeping their eyes on someone else’s paper…