I have a particular loathing for cowardice...

And when you go kill 50 innocent people while praying, you are a coward.

Countries that preen how tolerant they are need a reality check, too. No, you’re not. If your country has people in it, your people are just like any other people. No better, no worse.

It’s made up of people.

The livestreaming on social media, however, merely forced people to be forced to look at the reality of hate.

This is a coward’s attack, and should be properly labelled. A terrorist tries to create the same fear in his targets in order to justify his own.

Watch the middle class demand for gun control so they do not have to confront the bigger issue of vile hate embedded in their own societies.

There has been some very vile propagandistic anti-Serb ramblings about this killing, however, because the killer misapplied Serbian history. Serbs were abused in the Ottoman Empire. The equivalent is of the same ilk as slavery in the US. That’s true. If you are going to condemn Serbs for that, then you have to do the same to African-Americans who are upset at the ancestors being slaves to whites.


That above photo is evidence of a hate crime committed against the Serbs by the Turks. Go to Niš and have an up-close look at Skull Tower yourself if you need to see evidence of the kind of hate crimes going on in 1809.

And there is no expiration date on hate crimes.

There is a big misconception that one group or religion is immune to hate crimes. No, they aren’t. Hate crimes can be committed against Christians by Muslims, and then have them committed against Muslims by Christians.

There is no label you can stick upon yourself that makes you immune to committing them. Nice try.

If you are not a Serb, do not use the history of the torture against the Serbian people as an excuse to go out and kill people. Don’t do it even if you are a Serb. We were abused in the Ottoman Empire. We were decimated by a third in the First World War. We were abused by the fascist Nazis and Ustashe in the Second World War. We were maligned and villainized by US public relations firms during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia with a corrupt president who called for our bombing to deflect attention away from his own low-class philandering/sexual harassment scandals. Enough is enough.

You need a villain to blame? Go look in the mirror.

This man was not raised in Serbian culture. He was raised in a Western culture, and it is that culture that has committed its share of sins and enable hate with their narratives, and always in denial that they do. Do not try to deflect your internal sickness on some old propagandistic tropes that were manufactured by Washington, DC-based PR firms. Go look on FARA.org because they keep registration records for public perusal.

But don’t take too long. You have citizens going about killing each other every day, and then some go out and kill 49 people in one shot. That’s on your society.

When the world stops hiding behind their own "identity” labels and start realizing that those labels are made-up excuses to create false pecking orders to pretend to be superior to other groups, then maybe then we can finally get to the root of the cowardice of masks that help infect the seeds of hate that compel people to murder others for no reason at all…