The Sham of the so-called Beautiful People: Yeah, they are as dysfunctional as you are...just with a more convincing ability to fib.



Never be married to your job because it is until scandal do you part, and you don’t even get any alimony out of it.

Lori Loughlin is learning that lesson the hard way as Hallmark dropped her really, really fast.

But they really clinically saddened by it.

Sephora dropped her kid really, really fast, too. So did TRESemmé. This is a made-up pseudo celebrity with followers, but most likely the imaginary friend kind. Just like her academic creds.

Seriously, that it is 2019 and people still buy into these bullshit stories is pathetic. These people are not as rich or successful as they are made out to be. Middle class gullibility is alive and well, and it takes really absolutely no brains to fool bunches of them at once.

And it is getting tiresome.

The fantasyland delusions have no place in modern discourse. I thought we were pretending to be woke or something, and here we have educated people with white collar careers behaving like bored trophy housewives. Fuck that shit, grow up once already.

People get offended over stupid trivial stuff, and never question that things that actually matter: as in, are there people bribing people in universities to get their intellectually garbage brats in there?

And then we are shocked, shocked, shocked that the worthless motherfuckers are building airplanes that crash.

Fuck you and your fairy princess bullshit filters.

Enough with the dawdling…let us get back to reality, please…