Teen Vogue is crap. And fake news!

Here is an online propaganda-fest pretending to be something it isn’t.

Here is an offensive knee-slapper — but not for the reasons you think:

Access to Education for Black Children Proves Difficult for Their Parents, Creating a Disadvantage

Oh, how political sensitive we are...

Except these are same worthless advertorial writers who puked this colossal bullshit story:

Olivia Jade Shares Her USC Dorm Decor

The vapid-looking little ditz who had to have mommy and daddy risk a rap sheet to get her empty-head into university.

So we all know how she got her white privileged ass in there.

And Teen Vogue aided and abetted this little sham with an advertorial because this piece of work has a dad who designs clothes for a living.

You don’t think some favours were exchanged, do you?

And even still, reporters are buying what they are being sold without question. Oh, she has so many social media followers…

Really? Bribing got her foot in the academic door, don’t you think perhaps, oh, I don’t know, the followers are fake, too?

This is branding. Dad is a fashion designer. Daughter mugs unconvincingly and stiffly for Teen Vogue who parrot whatever the publicist tells them to write.

Teen Vogue has some nerve. They aren’t informing young girls about politics or life; they are indoctrinating middle class empty-heads with Establishment propaganda, fattening the sheep for slaughter.

Fake news, baby!

And hypocritical, too. Fuck you.

You want to know why people of colour can’t catch a break on this rigged battleground?

Because publications like Teen Vogue prop up scoundrels with money and give them a mask of superiority, that’s why….