Truth, Explained: Preface: On being the Marie Kondo decluttering the mind from bullshit by removing the flying fucks that make you buy them.






Does it spark joy?

It probably means your thinking is wrong.

Intellectual clutter is different than physical clutter: intellectual security blankets are usually the lies we cling on to in order not to have to think, act, or change.

Sophistry and the penchant for using logical fallacies and having life theories that cannot be falsified brings clutter to the mind and the soul.

Occam’s Razor helps remove the excess baggage in order to see what needs to be done to make improvements.

Truth, Explained is about the expensive bullshit stories people buy with those flying fucks, the currency used to buy them.

Get rid of both, and solutions become that much simpler — and then sparks inspiration to find a better path…