SNC-Lavalin: The little scandal that couldn't. The Man-child Bailers are ready with their enabling superpowers.

For all the firestorm about SNC-Lavalin, people don’t like the dirty laundry being aired, but it is not doing what detractors thought it would.

It had radicalized PC voters. It wouldn’t take much, but it didn’t radicalize the NDP voters, and that’s interesting.

Nor has it done true damage to the Grits. I have heard people make excuses for little Justin Trudeau, as if he were a child, and flat out say that “he meant well.”

Like Shelia Copps’s motherly nag that the big mean girls were ganging up and taking advantage of the little boy. What this scandal is also doing is bringing out the protector mama bears to protect their man-child.

They can relate to this scandal because that demographic are used to have sons who keep getting into scrapes and then they have to go and bail him out.

And save him!

All those with a social worker/superheroine delusion will go out in full force. They do it all the time depleting their bank accounts and goodwill doing it for spoiled sons and husbands all the time, anyway. They have lots of practice.

Stand by your man-child.

The scandal came out too soon, giving the Man-child bailers plenty of time to regroup and come up with excuses. They will come up with all sorts of sophistry to bail him out.

The problem is that the opposition leaders are also soft and spoiled conniving boys who do not know strategy or how to have gotten mileage out of this affair. Canadian journalists can’t actually do anything at this point because social media co-opts it and spins it any way it wants.

Jody Wilson-Raybould’s impact will be buffered by the time she is allowed to speak again. The man-child enablers are already finding ways of nullifying her power by questioning why didn’t she say anything before, meaning the only reason she spoke out when she did was because she did not get what she wanted, and that implies had Trudeau kept her in place and just dragged his feet until the election, she wouldn’t have exposed anything in the first place. The heroic narrative is rejected, and replaced by villainizing her instead. This is a typical man-child enabler’s excuse, but it builds up a wall to keep criticism from taking down the man-child. To have maximized her impact, things had to have moved faster closer to the actual election date. With nothing new, a lull gives time for people to regroup.

The opposition leaders are absolute rubbish. They are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. This scandal will not resurrect journalism, either because they are doing what they have always done, meaning they are trying to use old rules in a new game. They will never learn.

If there is another scandal at this point, things may change for the PM, but it will also manage to wipe out Wilson-Raybould off the public radar. In a social-media world, attention spans are short. People will devour the latest piece of meat thrown into their cages, long forgetting about the taste of the one that came before.

In the old days, scandals had longer legs and the press could gnaw at someone for months. Now that two factions have been radicalized and primed, everything else is superfluous…