Only followers and cowards bow to mobs and public pressure. Those who don't give a flying fuck live their lives on their own terms.

Shaming is a technique used to keep middle class people in their place.

They are insecure and passive, always looking for easy answers that someone else thought up, and if someone shames them or ridicules them in public, then that’s it.

Twitter has been an effective propagandistic shaming tool, allowing bullying, shaming, and intimidation to be disseminated quickly, efficiently, and reliability. The Stimulus-Response mechanism of rewards and punishment ensures that control of individual behaviours can be maintained far more reliably than traditional media outlets because it gives the false impression of mass consensus and organic grassroots disapproval.

But it isn’t. No one knows who is behind the taunts or how much they are being paid by well-heeled interests to do the shaming.

If Donald Trump figured out that you can win a presidency by using Twitter, then other rich motherfuckers figured it out, too. It is just the middle class geese who think this is all real and power to the people.

But that illusion is good enough to be effective.

So here we have people whining that they are getting fake activists hounding them through email and social media.

Did it ever occur to you that these people might have someone paying and directing them to do so?

As someone who has been trolled, doing some basic research shows that often, these trolls are not the real deal. They try to shut me down because if my ideas gain traction, they are out of a job because their scam is over.

Tucker Carlson is in hot water and getting slagging for being a creep, and has been targeted multiple times, meaning this effort is choreographed and coordinated. He is not backing down.

And that is the best way with dealing with political operatives. They can go fuck themselves and stop using their little minions to try to psyche people out.

If you are not ashamed, then the controlling mechanisms have no effect, and then your detractors are fucked…