How do rich people make it? By bribing, blackmailing, stealing, cheating -- and ignoring the rules they make up to lull the gullible poor and middle class.

If you are stupid enough to think “socialism” will work, I have a newsflash: it is the wealthy who are funding that asshole dream to lull dumb little boys and girls into thinking they found a greed hack that will give them something for nothing.

There is one born every minute.

There is a scandal in the US because rich motherfuckers paid money to get their loser children into Ivy League schools.

Bribing and cheating so their brats get an inflated diploma as they pay people to do those tough homework assignments — and then they can crow how brilliant and successful — and superior their kids are.

It is the hopelessly vapid Middle Class who follow rules — and I don’t care if the rules from capitalism or socialism — they are so distracted by following rules thinking they fought the Hack To Life, that they never question who made up those rules — or why.

I earned all of my university degrees and certifications and paid my own way and got a scholarship. I took the hardest classes, and I made certain I educated myself. That takes work, but for the rich, they use feints and ruses, building up things with carny, tricking people, and then using brute force to get things they did not earn all while wearing a mask.

They discard masks and put on new ones: that’s the kicker. You have idiots who look for opposites in a Default Delusion, thinking that’s all it takes to Win At Life. The One Rule That Explains Everything is the biggest con modern society has going, and people who are not wealthy keep falling for the same trap over and over again.

No, you have the same brutes in suits putting on another mask and playing the same game with the same cowardly Middle Class who have no guts, stamina, or cunning to push a little more or a little harder.

This isn’t the first time this kind of scandal has happened — but it is the one that netted bigger names. Their children already have jobs lined up for them — meaning that in both work and school, they are taking the spots where truly gifted people could have been placed.

But that’s not the point. It is not about the best or brightest: it is about creating an illusion of best and brightest shilling propaganda, making people feel jealous and inferior — and then rigging the board to keep fleecing suckers who think those little paper crowns matter.

It doesn’t matter what political system you have — it will be the same cheaters who con their way because the sheeple will be too lazy and gullible to question things — and are conniving enough to think if they show support or adoration that they will be “rewarded” for their minionism.

It is a Sucker Circus. A freak show of manipulators fucking over the connivers, but when you have fear freezing people in place, the circus gets stale with its limited shenanigans and pathetic games.

And no, you can’t handle the truth…