Woe is us: Journalism died because it needed to be reinvented. Stop lamenting its demise.

The Associated Press has a silly article that whines:

Town by town, local journalism is dying in plain sight

To put this in perspective, imagine you having symptoms that hint that you’re not well, and the doctor tells you that you need to get tests to find out what’s happening, and you dismiss it.

Then your symptoms get worse and one day, you collapse, and they rush you to the hospital where they conduct tests and they say you have cancer, but if you go through treatment, you can be cured.

And you deny that you are sick and you walk away because you are in denial that you are sick.

That’s journalism.

Do not weep about how it is dying. You had over two decades to make changes. You didn’t. Stop the wallowing.

I wrote books on the problem. I get ignored. Too bad for them.

It wouldn’t have taken that much to reinvigorate the profession. That’s the kicker, but there is nothing you can do when a sick profession are sticking their heads in the sand…