Trudeau pulls a Clintonian word parsing. Jive Turkey in for a rough ride.



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If there is any proof that Brand Jive Turkey is a sham, the response to the SNC-Lavalin Scandal.

Don’t parse your words the way former US President Bill Clinton did when he denied having an affair with an intern under his charge, because that turned out to be true.

Don’t use the phrase “Rule of Law” as if this country has ever abided by it before, because people will call you out the second you show that you don’t.

The Globe and Mail is hitting back and pointing out the obvious parsing, and having a field day in the bargain. The Grits have tried to paint critics as some sort of lunatic fringe, and now even that card has been taken away from them.

Trudeau never understood how much his pedigree had to do with his success. It was never him. It was the name and his father’s legacy. Nostalgia and clinging to the past’s tried and true got him his current job. Not his talent, brains, or cunning. People indulged him. He had goodwill on his side because of the surname, nothing more.

That, in this country, will take you very far. We are nepotistic by design because this is a Zero-Risk Society. Untested commodities are feared, and hence, we don’t have a feel for how to take risks or assess the situation. Just find the TORTEE and march to the script, following anything that seems to have already been broken in.

The Liberals were floundering because they were having overly-educated men leading them, and people don’t like their Prime Ministers to seem smarter than they are. Trudeau came in, and the Grits went for tried and true, except he wasn’t tried and true. His c.v. was light, to say the least, but he was backed as if he were an experienced political veteran.

It is bad enough there are these accusations, but his amateur responses only seem to confirm the accusations. Do not tell people you did not directly communicate with your minister because a PM works by using proxies.

If Trudeau understood the game — that would not be response he would have given. It is an amateur mistake, and now the stench coming from his office is overwhelming. The gaffes are starting to pile up and it isn’t even a first full term.

He is literally given his detractors all the free ammunition to fire at him, and his supporters are helping them along. Just this deceptive headline from the MTLblog says it all:

Everything You Need To Know About The Emerging Scandal Involving Justin Trudeau And A Montreal Construction Company 

The opposition seems set to make this a protracted political fight.

I underlined the parsing here as well — SNC Lavalin isn’t just a “Montreal Construction Company” — it is a Canadian-based multi-national corporation that owns nuclear energy when they acquired Candu — once a crown corporation.

When you have defenders being as manipulative with their words as you are, the chorus of those off-key notes wakes even the most stubborn sleepwalkers up.

This muck is not going to go away, particularly if there is other scandals and gaffes exposed. The election is still too far away, but the gamble that you get the Premium Pierre Package when you sign up for Junior is proving to be nothing more than a famous bullshit story.

SNC is not just a domestic company — it is a global one with offices in countless countries — and this is will resonate all around the world. Expect China and Saudi Arabia to write this little episode on a stickie for future reference. This brouhaha is a bigger headache than it first appears.

Former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair recently mused that NDP could lose votes to the Greens — perhaps the Grits may face the same fate. In any case, the preset scripts are worthless and we haven’t even started yet.

Who said 2019 was going to be a boring year?