Coming soon: A Post-Progressive Murder Mystery in 1913.

It looks like I will be doing this next week. I have been swamped and way behind schedule.


It also wrecks my order.

So this is Arc One.

I have alluded to this one before.

For all the talk about this being a Woke Generation who is raging against the Man, there is a murder case that has three elements of the same problems that happened over a century ago.

Things happened. Things changed because of it, but the interesting thing was the calls came because of the treatment of the various accused.

The victim and others witnesses at the trial did not get the same woke focus.

And they should have.

I am not going to introduce anything new, but I am going to curate this case from a modern perspective.

The reason? It is about perception and interpretation.

I will be using a couple of modern cases in conjunction with this one to compare and contrast the times and even the facts.

Stay tuned…