More propagandistic trash from The Cut: Reality Deniers try to pretend journalism didn't collapse.

Boy, do journalists love to be in denial.

Take a look at this piece of propaganda from The Cut:

While the companies’ reasonings behind mass layoffs aren’t identical, there is a common thread: The cuts have less to do with the talent of the workers, and more to do with financial imperatives and the whims of investors.

This is pure, pathological and egotistical bullshit.

Memo to the dumbass motherfuckers at The Cut: you do not have talent.

People stopped watching and reading you.

And you were redundant and let go.

They are going to the New York Times, but that is not a good sign, as I have pointed out before.

This is the lie you are telling to save ugly face.

2100+ reporters lost their job because they aren’t bringing in the dough.

This is the new lie journalists are telling to keep reality away because the Time Person of the Year propaganda of valiant heroes didn’t take.

Or last August’s lockstep propaganda campaign that was a dud.

If your kind were profitable, there would be more journalists hired, not fired. You are not useful. Don’t be a nerd.

Newspapers are closing because they are not profitable.

You cannot make up your deceitful little minds: you beg like paupers for donations and then pretend your companies are super-profitable. You can’t even keep your lies straight.

You do not know basic business.

You don’t actually know very much at all.

This is just another tactic to keep leeching on to the public, and it is not working either, assholes…