Sometimes, the response that works isn't outrage. It's appalling humour to reflect the reality.






If you want to find the solution that works, start learning to laugh at yourself. Bring light to yourself in order to see.

Humour is not supposed to be a weapon. It is supposed to be a tool.

Triumph does not come from anger, fear, or sadness. Tears solve nothing, and neither do temper tantrums.

When you use humour to lighten a load, you are on the right track.

When you use it to pretend you are superior to others, you didn’t get it right.

Laughter is the best medicine, but it is also a primitive drive to work through problems.

I don’t have problems making appalling jokes. Not racist ones, but appalling ones.

You do not have to applaud my humour. You are allowed to dislike it, but I do not go against my nature.

Nor do I make apologies for my giggling at the strangest of places.

I just see through the lies and absurdity as I work through a solution with kindness and wisdom.

Deal with it, motherfuckers…