The end of the Trudeau Fairytale: Goodbye Aesop. The winds of change will show you the exit.






Hey look, kids! Skarlet from Mortal Kombat stole my 2007 look! Right down to the red streak, bangs, black turtleneck collar, lipstick, and eye make-up. You had your fun, now give it back.


I am much, much friendlier.

And I do not have blood on my hands. Eww.

Today, two lawyers had bad things to say about their world leaders in North America — Michael Cohen did not deal any death knells to Donald Trump. He just insulted him lots, and he himself has done very shady things. Trump can easily overcome this man.

Justin Trudeau not at all.

The lawyer is an upstanding and smart lady who kept meticulous notes. She didn’t make wild accusations. She didn’t break the law. She stuck to facts, not innuendo.

There was no contest who was the better lawyer and the better person. Cohen was caught doing bad things. Wilson-Raybould was demoted for not breaking the law.

In the US, this is no watershed moment.

For Canada, there is now no going back. The Toronto Star admits the “sunny ways” bullshit narrative is done. That was not an easy admission to make for them.

The Globe and Mail wants him out of office. That is unprecedented.

We have those at the National Post — who always side with the men — have to concede that the woman in this case was the one speaking the truth.

We even have Maclean’s starting to sound like me with talk of the Grits’ minions and smugness. What is this country coming to when that happens?

Journalists in this country are notorious sunny spinners of rot. This time, they have the wind knocked right out of them.

I never bought the narrative of the Jive Turkey.

He always had a sheltered, smug demeanour. Conniving and arrogant and reeked of sheltered privilege. Canada could not afford him, but the Liberals made a deal with the devil — they could not beat Stephen Harper who is a silver fox — so they took a luxury brand name and ran it as prime minister, knowing full well of his limitations. Canada needs a cunning leader, not a vain, clueless one.

Canada is a country that is very much like the Versace pin dress made iconic by Elizabeth Hurley.


That’s how we hold together. Barely.

We always have to keep it together. One wrong step and we are an impoverished nation.

Just one tiny, baby step.

We are divided, nannied, entitled, and absolutely oblivious that we are held together by a few pins and a prayer. That is the truth that was always kept away from citizens. We never had a prime minister tell us to suck it up and stop whining for things that we cannot afford.

That used to be the same story for the former Yugoslavia until they exploded and killed each other.

But Canada looks good in public. We had to have a very pristine image. That’s why there was the sudden spewing of the phrase “Rule of Law” by the Trudeau regime. They half got it, but none of the nuances.

And they allowed tyrants of SNC-Lavalin to have power when they were bluffing.

If SNC-Lavalin made threats to up and leave, the Grits could have nailed them, and recall the billions they gave to the company.

And air their sins.

And tell other nations to reject them if they wanted to sell stuff to Canada.

They could have neutered those bluffers who would have no choice but to capitulate to every demand, not rewrite Canadian law.

You do not appease someone in a position of weakness.

Jody Wilson-Raybould wasn’t going to roll because, as a prosecutor, she knew more than just the law — she would have prosecuted corporations during her tenure, and saw the bluffs and chest-thumping.

The feds had more than just a moral obligation to hit the company full force: they had to for their very political survival. If a company can be that brazen in rewriting the law, then every one will make the same demands and not hide it, either.

Not that they don’t already do it, but this was even more open than the others.

The Grits have now destroyed their own brand on a global scale. This mess will cost this country dearly.

I have been saying this for years. Trudeau is not cunning enough to be PM. It is not about being cute and flippant.

In the Game of Go, we are down, and we are one inch away from some outside force to shout, “Finish them!”

Our resources and political capital have been drained. China and Saudi Arabia will milk this, and will not be seen as a cheap pot shot.

Even Trump is looking better.

The Left in the Western nations are in serious trouble. They have lost their moral authority. They are no better than the right. They play the same ugly games and tell the same ass-covering lies.

And the piper is knocking on the Grits’ door, looking to collect his due.

You cannot expect solutions from those who copy other people’s words and scripts.

Trudeau is proof positive of that.

And with no acceptance of new systems and ideas, it will be a rapid decline from here…