Who cares about the Oscars? The next generation will call you out for your pretentious thinking, anyway.

If you are not smart, refined, or cultured, but want to fake it, bitch about what should have won Best Pictures at the PR event called the Oscars.

On the other hand, don’t use that cheesy hack because it’s transparent.

I am pretty sure the Oscars do what American Idol does: pick the second choice to ensure enough attention and whining in public to give it more free publicity.

And if you are using Facebook and/or Twitter to puke how bad or good the choice was, you are a gullible tool.

But it didn’t stop the Globe and Mail and National Post from wasting their lives whinging about it. And the National Post used a chart! To prove what? That movie studios are strategically spending money on less box office successes in order to make more money in ensure those films are in the black? How naive are you, children?

If you don’t know by 2019 that the Oscars are just a vehicle to make more money on movies, you shouldn’t be running loose on the streets. You are too gullible to walk around without adult supervision.

So what if the comic book movie Black Panther didn’t win? It already made a profit. What’s wrong with you?

And besides, you would think after the temper tantrum people on the Troll Scroll threw over a 1971 Playboy interview John Wayne gave recently, that a little light would go off in those lone brain cells to make people wonder if the next generation would look down on their beloved movies and thespians.

Oscars have given awards to rapists, tyrants, drug dealers, philanderers, thieves, drug abusers, and all sorts of people who are not very nice over the decades — and you think this award means something positive?

In forty years time, the plaudits will be seen as a sign that this was the Stone Age and people were horrible and unenlightened.

So don’t get too worked about that a piece of disposable entertainment didn’t get a lollipop. It’s not a big deal at all…