Statistics are for shut-ins who never leave the house. You don't need figures when you can walk among the Spinning Laboratory called Earth.




Someone at the National Post thinks poverty is in decline in Canada.

Yeah, that’s why we have homeless people in Middle Class suburbs, people no longer able to borrow from payday companies, Uber drivers, people no longer having gold to sell, or a sudden decline in home sales and home equity loans.

We see a lot of businesses closing. The people in Alberta aren’t upset because they have too much money. SNC-Lavalin isn’t calling the shots and changing laws because if they go under there are a dime a dozens replacements — or even one.

This is a classic bullshit story.

Do not try to snow me with statistics. Those are bullshit figures used to tell the jittery shut-ins that everything is okay! Really!

It is like crime statistics: if people don’t report it and police refuse to file them, the numbers look lower than the actual reality.

The numbers tell you nothing. If numbers were reliable, polls would predict election outcomes, which they never do.

If you want to know what is happening, stop staring at your godphone, get off your worthless ass, and walk.

Not drive. Not stare at your phone or go window-shopping, but walk.

You walk up and down the street. You have a look. You people-watch.

You want accurate “statistics”, you hit the pavement and you walk.

I walked in the blasted cold at a university campus yesterday, you want to see disconnected and unhappy people dragging their carcasses like revenants, go to a campus. I felt as if I was a kid forced to visit an auntie in a nursing home.

I walk in all sorts of places day and night. I walked in downtown Chicago at two in the morning, being called Cagey and Lacey. I could within a short time tell you all about the regular panhandlers there, and I was an outsider.

Walk in a hospital and watch all the interns stare at their phone in desperation as certain medical staff duck out by riding up and down an elevator for hours. They go up, and then go down, never actually leaving the elevator.

You want to know the health of a region, get a pair of walking shoes and walk.

That’s it. You don’t need stats. You don’t need a government to tell you what’s what. Move around yourself and you have a more accurate picture of reality.

That was journalism in another life. Those were the people who hung around corridors and talked to secretaries and janitors, getting the real story — not those press releases.

Statistics is canned food. Walking in that spinning lab we call the world is the fresh food of facts.

You don’t need Big Data. You don’t need a census.

You need to be willing to see the world, not avoiding the places the scare you or make you jealous.

We lost that ability. People think there is a magic app that will give them the memo.

Don’t count on it. Count on yourself and move…