Facebook moderators see horrific things...so did I. Except I wasn't making a quarter of a million dollars a year for it.

The Verge has a sob piece about the horrible “working conditions” of Facebook moderators.

Yeah, they see graphic things.

So do police, soldiers, firefighters, social workers, and doctors and nurses every day.

I did, too.

First during the war in the former Yugoslavia. I got my hands on video footage of Serbian soldiers and civilians being tortured and killed by Croat and Bosnian forces, as well as the Mujahideen who were dispatched there.

I saw soldiers getting roasted on a spit. I saw eyes getting gouged out. I saw horrific and traumatic things and I was in my late teens.

And then, when I called editors and producers to tell that their coverage was skewed and that there was footage of atrocities being committed against Serbs, I was told “So what.”

I didn’t become a conspiracy theorist. I didn’t become broken or hardened. It just realized journalism was a sham, and decided to do something about it.

I couldn’t help those dead people. All I could do is promise them I would fight for truth and peace until my very last breath, and ensure that I built a foundation that would carry it on long after I died.

The second time I saw disturbing coverage was when I had to shot list wire feed a few years later. It was disturbing, but not as disturbing in comparison.

I was still sad at what I saw, but my job was to ensure that someone in the newsroom would run the story so that people would know what was going on in the world. I learned how to list things in such a way that the most disturbing information would get an editor’s attention and would run with it. I had a very good batting average.

If you retreat at injustice, you are a very me-centred person.

If you push forward and do active things, you are a very you-centred person.

I take no pleasure at looking at disturbing images. I avoid it, but reality can be very ugly, and we have far too many people with sick ideas and no impulse control.

And they are putting their work on Facebook in an attempt to normalize their destruction. It is very deliberate. Once they shock and create an unnatural habit, then they have a foot in the door and try to lure people to see what they are doing as normal, moral even.

I was a teenager, and I never saw it as moral, just, or normal. Those people are bullies, and even they don’t believe it, either.

They want to control other people, and be on the top of a fake pecking order, and this is the only way they know how to do it.

If someone did to them what they do to others, they would be hollering the loudest.

It is a vile game.

If Facebook wanted to be of service, they ought to record the names and addresses of all of these people, and then publish them in a list along with what sick thing they did.

And then call up their mothers and fathers to ask them how proud they are of their children — in a public forum.

Maybe the parents are proud. The world has a right to know.

People get upset at a John Wayne interview from 1971, and never ask what sickos live next door.

I never cowered, back down, broke, or justified the human trash who tortured and killed Serbs.

I moved forward as I live my life to the fullest, happy to be alive, and grateful for all of the wonderful people in this world.

You are neither going to taint me, corrupt me, or destroy me.

Because people like that are weak, and they try to steal the life blood of the strong.

No dice.

To have to bother with the hopelessly wicked can be draining, but there are ways to deal with them without becoming lost in that wickedness yourself…