SNC-Lavilin throws temper tantrum. Memo to you beggars: You got government largesse. You don't get a say when enough is enough.




I find the current model of journalistic propaganda to be both parts laughable and childish: every little group are behaving like diva beggars: demanding some They foot the bill and solve their problems. Nice try: how about stop looking for some powerful servant — or genie — to save you from life and create and solve on your own first.

Memo to the world: We all need money. We can never have enough. When a government promises to spend taxpayer’s money, it is never enough. The activists never say, “Thank you.” They never say, “This is generous and we are grateful as there isn’t that much to go around, but now we can do something.” Never.

Everyone has the waterworks and journalists morally masturbate in public, allowing the whining to go on unchallenged. They never ask these groups to open their books or prove that they are doing anything. It is a base assumption that they are, and while some do, some don’t.

Or they aren’t being realistic. Stop putting your hand out looking for money and then demand the government do all of the work.

There isn’t a bottomless pit of money to go around. We are in an Age of Propaganda where people make demands of others as they demand their rights, but ignore their own responsibilities. Adults wanting to be nannied — even those so-called Titans of Industry.

Here is a corrupt company — SNC-Lavalin who makes huge demands from the government — lobbying for special treatment (as an aside, if you wish to look at the lobbyists in Canada, you can search here) in the courts as they do all sorts of dirty deeds, and then turn around and say they had “enough” and want to spin a narrative that fellates them.

And they got billions of dollars from taxpayers in “support.”

Excuse me, you need billions from taxpayers, and you think you can say “enough”?

No, you cannot. It is one thing if you are completely independent, then you can say “enough”, but when you are being bankrolled this way, you cannot just throw a temper tantrum and act as if you are kings, because gentlemen, you are not.

Beggars are not kings, and even kings and queens must answer to the people.

That’s reality.

If you do not want to answer to others, then strike it on your own.

The more independent you are, the more control you can exert and the greater the individuality you can express. You can make demands when you are beholden to no one.

The misdirection of making demands on those we are dependent on have a flaw: if the benefactor has had enough — they can bail by choice or by natural consequence.

You can scream and shame them, they can walk away, and pull a Thidwick.

The less we demand for others to meddle in our affairs, the bigger say we have.

The fight is for independence, not dependence.

The point is freedom, not confinement.

The duty is to create our own path, not be at the mercy of others.

We are seeing a generation demanding to be beggars who are trying to shame people into not seeing the obvious ruse. They do not know the ways of the wild, as they willfully seek to live in a cage where their overlords hold their lives in their hands.

And that includes SNC-Lavalin who think their blustering can hide the ugly truth.

The trouble is, reality isn’t lifting a finger to help them hide their rot…