How the press is trying to downplay their bungling of the Smollett Affair. Editorial cartoons as propaganda tools to malign the people who saw the truth.




Nice try, propagandists.

You spread a lie — a very badly constructed lie, you are exposed for spreading a lie, and you then try deflect attention by demonizing the group of people who exposed you?

Is that your manipulative plan?

And we know that false hate crimes are a thing, just as false cancer patients are a thing.

And as someone whose grandmother’s entire family was slaughtered because of their ethnicity, I am not someone who takes hate crimes lightly.

There is even an entire book written about false allegations, and considering the FBI does not keep track of the number of false hate crimes, you have no idea.

Let’s not pretend.

And while offence may seem like a good defence, it isn’t. Do it too many times and people will figure out you are nothing but a cowardly liar.

Because that cartoon is propagandistic hate, nothing more.

Pure garbage for those who spread lies and propaganda and try to spin a narrative as so not to be challenged…