Toronto Star's Alternative Facts in recounting the press's role in the Smollett Hoax. Nice try.


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The mainstream media loves to take credit for things they didn’t do, but distance themselves from the bad things they did do, and the Toronto Star is no exception.

The Jussie Smollett Debacle is a scandal that hit left-wing and mainstream publications. The right-wing partisan ones didn’t buy it, and neither did Alexandra Kitty. I have recounted the episode here, complete with many screenshots of mainstream outlets that treated this hoax as if they were real.

No use of the words “alleged”, “purported”, or “according to.”

CNN has already tried to pretend it wasn’t a vector when the screenshots don’t lie.

The Toronto Star is playing a similar gambit with Rosie DiManno doing so with this column, inlcuding this knee-slapping passage:

Though it should be noted that mainstream media, with old-school reporting values, were the most carefully and cautiously qualified of the bunch over Smollett’s incendiary claims

They were the least qualified of the bunch. In their never-ending war with Donald Trump, they gleefully ran with it. Stop pretending that your pack of jackals are superior to everyone else.

Even the headline is an attempt to distance the press from their sins:

Empire actor Jussie Smollett’s attack allegation strained credulity all along

Nice try.

Because if it “strained credulity” and the press still spewed the yarn as if it were real, that has worse ramifications than if you all were just stupid.

That means you deliberately reported a lie as truth.

ABC News touted its “exclusive” complete with softball questions.

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This sentence is also instructive:

What damage this foolish, vain actor has caused. Gifted the haters with hee-haw ammunition to last . . . well, at least until the next social media driven hoo-hah comes along. But liberals will have to wear the humiliation.

Even now, DiManno finds it necessary to put down ideological rivals who were correct, and then throw the blame on Smollett and liberals — but not the press that spread the disinformation in the first place. The Chicago police chief didn’t exclude the press from his complaints.

And she does it again:

[T]hese are not glory days for the rush-to-judgment virtue-signalling brigade. A bad look for liberals, oxygen for the “liberal media bias’’ hordes.

That’s like saying DNA linking a killer to a crime gives “oxygen” for the anti-crime “hordes.” Just how stupid do you think people are?

No mea culpa. No owning up. No admission of a flawed mindset and structure, let alone method.

In other words, the same dysfunctional system stays in place and more propaganda gets reporting as news all the same…