Now Katie Telford is under the gun...Canada, just what kind of crosshairs do you find yourself in?



What is going on with Katie Telford so soon after Manservant General Gerald Butts fell on his sword?

A lawsuit? Another liability to steer the federal Grits’ focus away from their cushy jobs?

Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick was fear-mongering, babbling about assassinations, but there is no actual reason for such a chicken little bullshit story.

Unless he knows something that he is not sharing.

Has Canada been naughty and tried to play guess in a global game of Go, and now got itself in a serious scrape?

Or are we seeing someone trying to set up a narrative for some civil liberties destroying?

Something serious is going on and the Grits are at the root of their own crisis. The number of blunders coming back to haunt the federal Liberals is staggering — meaning they must have pulled some doozies within days of their reign.

This latest development should put this country on notice that someone is not letting this country get away with squat. This is serious business. The house of cards is teetering and it will not take much for it to topple — the only issue how bad will the fallout be…